Why Bikers Wear Skull T-Shirts ?

Why Bikers Wear Skull T-Shirts


Why Bikers Wear Skull T-Shirts

You have always seen bikers wear skull t-shirts. Be it on their bikes, t-shirts, tattoos or anything they own, the chances of it having a skull on them is extremely likely. Why do bikers love skulls so much? Here are a few reasons that may explain why bikers wear skull t shirt.

  • Ward off evil Tshirt

    There is an ancient belief that skulls ward off evil. As bikers ride to go around the world at high speeds, maybe they want to keep evil at bay so that no misfortune strikes them.

  • A sign of rebellion

    Bikers are rebellious. They like to do their own thing. Maybe it's a way to tell the world that they are different from other people.

  • Commitment to motorcycling

    Commitment to motorcycling

    Bikers are committed to motorcycles. They can’t live without them and there isn’t a place in the world that they would choose to go without their bikes. ‘Till death do us apart’, commonly said in weddings could also relate to bikers and their bikes.

    Sign of equality

    Can you recognize the color of a person’s skin by just looking at their skull? True, skulls have different shapes and what not, but can you actually know who a person was, from their skull?

  • Sign of brotherhoodskull image

    After World War II, there were thousands of bikes that had no use. The riders and the bikes formed a special bond that helped them deal with the horror of war. There is a saying that you will never find a motorcycle outside a psychiatrist’s office.

Why Bikers Wear Skull T-Shirts ?. A skull has so much meaning to bikers, maybe that’s why they choose to wear skull print t-shirts.  We have the huge collection of biker shirts in online. All biker t shirts are available on Black and colors with short sleeve or sleeveless.

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